Whole Brain® Thinking

What is it?

Whole-brain thinking is about using the combined power of the left and right brain to deliver high performance and impactful results in your organisation. You can find out more about the science of whole-brain thinking from our friends at Herrmann International: http://www.herrmannsolutions.com

Implementing whole brain thinking within your business will provide leaders at all levels with the tools they need to succeed.



If you are interested in any of the Whole Brain® Thinking Services, please contact Mary.


We train teams to communicate using a whole-brain approach which helps to build relationships across thinking preferences.


We work with teams to use whole-brain approaches to plan and execute projects using both left-brain and right-brain preferences.


Whole brain thinking can be applied to all aspects of an organization. We are happy to partner with you to develop a customized approach to meet your team’s needs.


The mindsets and behaviors of leadership teams impact your larger team and company culture. We use tools to assess and strengthen team engagement that may be needed due to reorganizations, transformations, new leadership, merging teams, or company acquisitions.




If you are interested in any of the Whole Brain® Thinking Services, please contact Mary.


We offer mirror workshops for leadership teams in order to reflect and build upon their current engagement across the leadership team as well as with the larger team.

Whole Brain Thinking Assessments

We offer assessments and debriefs to better understand an individual or team’s thinking preferences. This can then be applied to many aspects of behaviors and team building.

Team Building

We utilize a variety of tools and methodologies to assess your team’s need. We can develop a customized approach to take your team to its next level of leadership.



Individual and team coaching allows people to deepen their understanding of leadership and engage with others in a more impactful way. We use customized coaching tools that will deepen a person’s understanding of emotional intelligence and allow them to make more meaningful connections while building engagement.




If you are interested in any of the Whole Brain® Thinking Services, please contact Mary.

Team Coaching

We offer team coaching workshops to develop collaboration across individuals and teams. Using a variety of tools and methodologies, we are able to strengthen and build on the foundation of your team’s engagement.

Whole Brain Coaching

We provide whole brain coaching to better understand an individual’s dominant thinking preference and how they can use all four quadrants of the brain to become more effective leaders.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Coaching

The emotional intelligence of an individual is critical to success as a leader. We offer tools to deepen the understanding of emotional intelligence and how to utilize it in the business world.



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